Flatmate stereotypes: The ‘uptight parent’

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If you’ve ever been lucky enough to live in a house share or flat share, you’ll probably recognise a common pattern of housemate types. Below is a summary of the uptight parent type, 1 of 5 flatmate stereotypes we’ll be outlining in the coming weeks:

The ‘uptight parent’ housemate is the grown-up of the flat, the one who is most mature (mentally). They’re hardly ever wrong when it comes to decision making or arguments (sometimes annoyingly so). Often you’ll ask yourself if they’re your mum or dad in disguise, come to keep tabs on you…


  • This type of roommate is great for advice and a shoulder to cry on, they always seem to know what the best thing to do is
  • They’ll usually take responsibility for the house share chores that nobody else wants to do, e.g. emptying the bin
  • If you’re ever short of food, their well stocked cupboard (just like your parents) will provide you with a feast in your time of need


  • Knowing they’re rarely wrong will give them a patronising, even arrogant persona making them less enjoyable to hang out with compared to other housemates
  • Just like your parents, this type of flatmate will frequently nag, moan and leave sticky notes around e.g. “don’t slam the door”
  • Tidiness and cleanliness is extremely important to them, making it difficult to ever relax unless the flat is immaculate

Despite the God complex this type of housemate will often demonstrate, their worldly wisdom makes them great to have as part of a flat, if even just to assist in the pub quiz from time to time!

Not the uptight parent in your flatshare? Maybe one of these other classic flatmate stereotypes describes you better:

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Housemate bathroom notes

Lego bathroom housemate on toilet

It’s quite common in a house share not to see other housemates for days or often weeks at a time, due to differing schedules, holidays or intentional avoidance.

This often leads to the act of note writing: leaving messages, instructions, advice or abuse for other flatmates to read.

Below are a few bathroom notes that made us chuckle:

Header image courtesy of Loozrboy.

The world’s top 20 most expensive cities to rent in

20 most expensive cities to rent house shares in lego monopoly

Do you or other flatmates complain about how much the rent is for your house share? Now you can see if the moaning is justified, by comparing your rent to the average rental price per month of the most expensive rental properties in the world:

(figures are based on an average 120 sq.m apartment per week, in a prime inner city location)

1. Monaco: £5,931

2. UK, London: £5,683

3. Bermuda: £4,182

4. US, New York: £4,057

5. Hong Kong: £4,013

6. Japan, Tokyo: £3,856

7. France, Paris: £3,787

8. Russia, Moscow: £3,749

9. Singapore: £3,159

10. Switzerland, Geneva: £3,050

11. Italy, Rome: £2,548

12. Bahamas: £2,404

13. India, Mumbai: £2,295

14. BVI, Tortola: £2,260

15. Ukraine, Kiev: £2,218

16. Barbados, St James: £2,202

17. Canada, Toronto: £2,129

18. Finland, Helsinki: £2,085

19. Cayman Is, Grand Cayman: £2,055

20. Amsterdam, Netherlands: £1,972

All figures courtesy of Global Property Guide, image courtesy of David Muir.