5 Secret Santa Tips OR How to make Secret Santa less awkward

Secet santa in a house share

It’s getting to that time of year again when someone in your house says “oh! We should do Secret Santa!” And before you know it, you’re queuing up in a Pound Land to buy 15 jars of salsa because Fajitas is the only thing you’ve seen your housemate eat.

It doesn’t have to be shit. In fact, it can actually be fun. Well, as fun as buying cheap gifts for people you don’t really know can be. Here are our Top 5 Tips!

1) Use A Name Drawing Website

Very simple, very easy. Getting all the members of your house in the same room can be hard work. Getting them to all sit down for long enough to make the draw is even harder. But if you use a lovely naming drawing website, like the cleverly titled DrawNames or SecretSantaElf, then no one even needs to see each other. Just enter the names and when they accept, everyone is sent their secret Santa.

2) Make A Wish List

You don’t want someone buying you 400 earbuds or a rubber duck because you “spend ages in the bathroom.” It’s annoying, and not funny. Make everyone note down one or two reasonable things they’d like. With this, people have the option to get you something you’d actually like.

3) Set a price limit

There’s nothing more awkward than watching your housemate open the jar of pasta sauce you bought them whilst holding that super nice new jumper they just bought you in your hands. This is easily avoidable. Just set a price limit. £10 is a good limit.

4) Avoid Cheap Jokes

Look, we’re not being boring old farts (although the phrase “old fart” doesn’t really support that case), but – honestly – most people don’t find the joke presents funny. In fact, they’re kind of annoying. “Oh thanks! Haha! You bought me a penis shaped lollypop. This is much better than an actual gift…”

5) Quantity is better than quality

If you’re really, REALLY struggling to think of something decent, seriously don’t worry about it. Just buy loads of useful things for the person, at least that way they’ll be like “oh cool, I’d actually ran out of ketchup – thanks for buying me eight bottles.”

Image courtesy of Alexander Baxevanis, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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