5 Welsh bands for your St. David’s Day house party playlist

Happy St. David’s Day! It’s the day (1st March) we pay tribute to all things Welsh. It may not be as widely celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day – or as wholly ignored as St George’s… – but any excuse to have a house party will do, and St. David’s Day is a perfect one for a knees up with your flatmates.

So if you are having a party for your taffy housemates, or if you’re just in the mood for getting in the spirit, here are WDMM’s Favourite Welsh Bands. Stuff an iTunes Playlist with the best of these bands and you’ll be booking camping trips to the Rhonda Bay in no time.

Catfish & the Bottlemen

Catfish have sprung up out of nowhere over the last twelve months. They’ve toured the country relentlessly and, led by the charismatic Van McCann, have taken over almost every mainstream radio station and booked slots at every festival you can think of. They’re Wales’ freshest musical offering and, if two sold-out nights at London’s Brixton Academy is anything to go by, they’re not going anywhere for a while.

Manic Street Preachers

From politics to motorbikes, Manic Street Preachers have been the voice of the Welsh working class for more than twenty years. With lyrics shrouded in personal experience and coloured by the Welsh (and British) political landscape, it’s no surprise they’re one of Wales’ finest audio assets.

Los Campesinos

Perhaps lesser known in the mainstream circles, Los Campesinos have been writing infectious indie-pop songs since the late noughties. Their debut, We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, is crammed full of delicious musical nuggets. We’ll admit that none of the members are technically Welsh – and merely formed at Cardiff University – but we challenge you to find a band that resonates with Wales more than these guys.

Super Fury Animals

Part nineties Britpop, part psychedelic rock, Super Fury Animals ticked all the boxes. And more than being able to pen a damn good tune (which they could in spades) they were the coolest chaps around too. Lead singer Gruff Rhys has had a healthy solo career post the band’s disintegration, but the magic of tracks like Golden Retriever and God! Show Me Magic inspired a tidal wave of young musicians to push the boundaries of what can be accepted by the masses.


Yes. Of course we couldn’t forget the Phonics. Hailing from Cwmaman of the Cynon Valley, Kelly Jones and co penned tales of small town life in the Welsh suburbs. Their debut, Word Gets Around, paints a modest picture of life in outer-city Wales in the nineties; where girls playing football becomes high-street gossip, family weddings are awash with heads sunk in portaloos, and everyday tragedies become part of the landscape’s history. Over the years, Stereophonics have grown into one of the UK’s biggest acts.

Image courtesy of Calum Hutchinson, licensed for any purpose in the public domain.

Epic roommate movies and flatshare films

lego roommate movies cinema

Roommates and housemates sharing a room, house, apartment or flat is a brilliant plot or sub-plot for a movie. Check out these famous (and not so famous) films that involve shared living:


One of Will Ferrell’s best movies. Two middle aged, socially awkward ‘losers’ who still live at home, must become roommates when their parents get married. A great film to watch with your housemates on a hungover Sunday…

Shallow Grave

A Danny Boyle film starring Ewan McGregor that is sadly unknown by many outside of the UK. Three friends must choose a new flatmate to move in. Things start to go a little out of control when some startling surprises are uncovered. A fantastic black comedy that made the way for the infamous ‘Trainspotting’…

The Night We Never Met

A humorous movie that tells the tale of disgusting roommates who don’t get along, the search for love and affairs. Three individuals agree to a ‘time sharing partnership’, allowing them each to use 1 apartment on preset days for their own ends… Showing it’s age but still a great watch.

Notting Hill

An absolute classic from the late 90’s, starring many a girls crush: Hugh Grant. A couple of chance encounters between a bookshop owner (who’s forced to live with an annoying flatmate) and an international superstar, leads to a flowering (but challenging) relationship. A perfect choice for a girls night in.

Shaun of the Dead

An awesome british comedy horror, starring Simon Pegg. Three housemates must survive a zombie outbreak in London, providing a perfect opportunity for Shaun (the lead character) to prove himself to his mates and ex girlfriend.

Image courtesy of Hamid.

The world’s top 20 most expensive cities to rent in

20 most expensive cities to rent house shares in lego monopoly

Do you or other flatmates complain about how much the rent is for your house share? Now you can see if the moaning is justified, by comparing your rent to the average rental price per month of the most expensive rental properties in the world:

(figures are based on an average 120 sq.m apartment per week, in a prime inner city location)

1. Monaco: £5,931

2. UK, London: £5,683

3. Bermuda: £4,182

4. US, New York: £4,057

5. Hong Kong: £4,013

6. Japan, Tokyo: £3,856

7. France, Paris: £3,787

8. Russia, Moscow: £3,749

9. Singapore: £3,159

10. Switzerland, Geneva: £3,050

11. Italy, Rome: £2,548

12. Bahamas: £2,404

13. India, Mumbai: £2,295

14. BVI, Tortola: £2,260

15. Ukraine, Kiev: £2,218

16. Barbados, St James: £2,202

17. Canada, Toronto: £2,129

18. Finland, Helsinki: £2,085

19. Cayman Is, Grand Cayman: £2,055

20. Amsterdam, Netherlands: £1,972

All figures courtesy of Global Property Guide, image courtesy of David Muir.

Celeb flatmates: Famous celebrities who used to live together

famous celebrity flatmates legoIt may seem strange to think that many A-list Hollywood celebrities had humble beginnings, living together as roommates / flatmates in shared accommodation. In fact it was often these shared living experiences that led to their fame and fortune…

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

Matt and Ben were good friends at school, living fairly close to one another in Boston. After school in the 90’s they moved into a house together, but they weren’t your typical housemate bums… Instead they got working on a movie script for a well known film: “Good Will Hunting”. The rest as they say, is history…

Ewan McGregor and Jude Law

Probably many a girls dream combo, Ewan and Jude Law were once offered $30 by a director to get drunk, to see how they got on together. All that free booze ($30 was a lot in the 90’s) seemed to work a treat, as they soon moved in together!

The Spice Girls

Believe it or not, but many of the Spice Girls (remember them?) used to live together before hitting the big time. When Touch (their original group name) were just starting out in Berkshire – Mel B and Mel C shared a room, Victoria shared with Michelle (who was later replaced by Emma) and Geri was the only one with her own room (no surprise there).

(Image courtesy of Alex Eylar)

Flatmate / Roommate / Housemate – What’s the Difference?

Houseshare flatmate roommate definition lego dictionaryWhilst planning this blog, we came across a variety of different terminology to define people living within shared accommodation. Arrgghh, so which do we use in our blog posts to engage with the most people!?

First we thought it was a fashion thing, and your chosen term defined just how ‘hip’ you are. After checking dictionary definitions and researching further, we’ve now finally come to realise it’s a mixture between cultural / regional differences and the actual setup of the shared accommodation in question.

Check out our findings below, to get your head round it all:

Flatmates living in a flatshare

Use of the term ‘flat’ is predominantly a British thing, as a flat in American English is in fact an ‘apartment’. And before you ask, the terms ‘apprtmentmate’ or ‘apartment share’ are not in the USA vocabulary (although apparently ‘suitemate’ is sometimes used – a bit snobby if you ask me)!

Roommates or roomies

In America, whether a bedroom is shared or simply a residence with separate rooms – the people you share with are referred to as your roommates. The term ‘roomies’ is popular amongst the younger generation and originates from student dorms (student halls for us Brits). In the UK, the term roommate would normally be associated with those you share a bedroom with.

Housemates living in a house share / share house

The term ‘housemate’ is used throughout the world to describe the people you share residence with. Share housing is Australian in origin, whereas ‘house share’ is a widely used term for shared accommodation used throughout America, Canada, Australia and Europe.

So, in summary it seems we’re best to use ‘housemates’ and ’house share’, or perhaps a mixture of all the above in our blog writing…

(Image courtesy of Kyle Tsui)