Choosing a new flatmate: Lifestyle and personality considerations

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In a previous post we covered the important points to consider when choosing a new flatmate, in terms of age, gender what you’re both looking for in a houseshare. It’s also important and probably a given that you’re going to want to have common interests and compatible personalities with your future housemate too.

So make sure to think about the following points during your decision making, to ensure you make the right choice when choosing your new housemate:


Cleaning is one of the most common causes of house share arguments, so a prospective flatmates view on cleaning and general tidiness is definitely worth considering. It’s a good sign if you’re both in agreement, whether the dishes can be done tomorrow, or that mess must always be dealt with rather than left until later.


Whether or not they’re a smoker isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s definitely worth taking into account. If they do like the odd puff, chances are they’ll bring with them the smell of tobacco and may leave the doors / windows open if smoking isn’t allowed inside (almost a definite these days according to landlord rules).


Again this is usually a rule set initially by your landlord, so make sure you take this into account first! If pets are allowed, then you and your flatmates can decide what kind of animals you’re cool with. Is a pet python ok, or are there any known allergies amongst existing housemates?


A person’s occupation may tell you a lot about them, and so should be discussed before choosing your new housemate / roommate, e.g. an oil engineer may not get on with environmentalists. Certain occupations can also be problematic in terms of daily routines e.g. v.early rising / v.late nights introducing noise issues. Also don’t forget that a good job means there wont be any trouble with getting bills on time.  Apparently teachers make  great flatmates


If you’re hoping a new housemate will provide new socialising opportunities (you’re not just looking to fill a room) then their hobbies and other interest could help you with your choice. Similar interests that compliment yours are a bonus e.g. supporting the same football team, or hobbies with benefits e.g. baking!


Living with somebody you find attractive sounds like a bonus, but this could introduce complications and is usually a bad idea. Think about the consequences of getting together with a housemate, then splitting up and still having to live with them. As they say: ‘don’t sh** on your own doorstep’! So best not even let the temptation arise in the first place… Ask em’ for a drink maybe ;-) but not to move in.

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