Flatmate stereotypes: The ‘antisocial hermit’

lego flatmate anti social hermit

Ever lived in a house or flatshare? You’re most likely familiar with a variety of typical roommate types. We’ve mashed together the traits that make up the ‘antisocial hermit’ type below, 1 of 5 common flatmate stereotypes we’re covering in the next few weeks.

The ‘antisocial hermit’ is the social recluse of the flat, the one who you’re least likely to see going about. Instead this type of renter will likely be hiding in their room doing who knows what, on their own. No matter how friendly you are, inviting them to house parties or pub outings – they’ll always find an excuse not to socialise with everyone else.


  • They’ll never make any noise or cause any agro, instead keeping themselves to themselves
  • Having them in the house is similar to having a ghost as a housemate, they’ll pay their share of the bills but it’ll be like they’re not even there
  • Looking for easy small talk with your roommates? Discussing the mystery of what the ‘anti-social hermit’ gets up to in their bedroom makes for interesting conversation


  • If you want to live in a social share house, they’re letting you down big time by always hiding away like Golem from Lord of the Rings
  • They won’t want to contribute to communal shopping, instead choosing to have their own personal supply of loo roll etc

If you live in a small flatshare with only 2 or 3 bedrooms, this is not the flatmate you want. But in a larger house of 4 + rooms, they may well be appreciated – by contributing to the bills whilst keeping the house from feeling like chaotic student halls.

If you aren’t the anti-social hermit housemate in your flatshare, perhaps you’re one of these other classic flatmate stereotypes:

  • The ‘uptight parent’ flatmate stereotype
  • The ‘popular party animal‘ flatmate stereotype
  • The ‘awkward couple‘ flatmate stereotype (coming soon)
  • The ‘lazy freeloader‘ flatmate stereotype
  • Image courtesy of Jose Betancur.

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