Flatmate stereotypes: The ‘awkward couple’

lego flatmate awkward couple

Are you living, or have you ever lived in a houseshare or flatshare? If so, you’re likely to be familiar with certain personality traits of different types of housemates. Couples are increasingly choosing to rent with other flatmates to save money.  This is why we’ve included them as 1 of 5 flatmate stereotypes we’re highlighting over the coming weeks.

The ‘awkward couple’ are in a way doubly risky to live with compared to other flatmate stereotypes, because there’s two of them! Although saying that it’s quite common to get on with one of them, whilst the other is a total nightmare – opposites as they say ‘attract’.


  • Couples are often fairly mature, so this type of renter may well bring stability to the flat
  • They’ll often enjoy cooking together, with leftovers being regularly available – free yummy home cooked food!


  • If you’re having troubles with your love life, you’d rather not see them eating each others face off in the kitchen, or hear them having loud sex at night
  • Couples are never perfect so arguments are likely to occur, causing awkwardness if in the communal areas and noise when you don’t want it
  • When it comes to making house decisions between your roommates, they’ll often get their way as they have two votes over everyone elses one
  • As there’s 2 of them, they’re likely to take up the bathroom / washing machine / cooking area more often, causing general despair

Generally speaking a couple is not ideal for a flatshare based on the above, so try to avoid where possible. Couples are best living within their own apartment all together, or with another couple, so are likely to have more things in common.

Are you definitely not the ‘awkward couple’ in your house share? In that case you must be one of these other common housemate stereotypes:

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