Flatmate stereotypes: The ‘lazy freeloader’

lego flatmate lazy freeloader

Are you an experienced flatsharer? Chances are that you’ve lived with loads of different people over the years. Although everyone is unique, they usually fall into a specific housemate types. Below is a rundown of the traits that make up the ‘lazy freeloader’ type, 1 of 5 typical flatmate characters we’ve written about, which you’ll likely meet while living in shared accommodation.

The ‘lazy freeloader’ is the roommate that goes through life attempting to make as little effort as possible, whilst spending as little money as they can. You’ll most likely come across them lazing on the couch in the lounge, watching trash TV. Rarely, if ever will you see this type of renter doing anything active or that costs money – making a sandwich or visiting the pound shop is about as adventurous as they’ll get.


  • Their chilled out nature means they’ll create a sense of calmness and tranquility in any house share or flat share, no matter how manic it usually is
  • As debating and arguing both take up considerable energy, they’ll never really care about anything (unless it costs them money), making them a very easy housemate to live with
  • Feeling lonely, in need of some easy going conversation? They’ll usually be hanging around the living room open for small talk


  • Their thrifty nature means every housemate will be at risk from food going missing or being ‘borrowed’ (usually permanently and not replaced)
  • What they perceive to be their “chilled out nature” is often seen as laziness by everyone else. This means you’ve got more chance of a mouse washing the dishes, than getting them to do any chores
  • Chances of them paying bills on time = 0 / squat / bumpkins / zilch / nadda / do pigs fly?

Living with a ‘lazy freeloader’ can be frustrating at times, but their calm and chilled out nature will often be welcome when you need a break from non-stop work and partying. Lock up / hide your food though, and where possible get bill money from them up-front!

Don’t think these characteristics match your personality? In that case, one of these other four flatmate stereotypes must fit you well:

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