Flatmate stereotypes: The ‘popular party animal’

lego flatmate party animal

If you’ve ever lived in a flat share or house share, you’ll most likely recognise a bunch of common housemate personalities. Here’s an outline of the ‘popular party animal’ type, 1 of 5 flatmate stereotypes we’re writing about in the coming weeks.

The ‘popular party animal’ is the young’un roommate of the house, the one who acts like a big kid who’s eaten too much birthday cake. Very rarely if ever will you see them on their own, instead they’ll be surrounded by a bunch of mates, either on the way to or from a social event. Sometimes you’ll wonder how they’re so popular, and never seem to stop – are they an undercover celebrity on coke?


  • If you’re terrified that it’s Friday afternoon and you still don’t have any social plans for the weekend – don’t fret, this type of renter will sort you out with a party invite
  • Lacking friends after moving to a new city? No worries, they’ll get you introduced to loads of new people in a flash
  • They alone will have the contacts to turn any house party into the social event of the year


  • Front door slamming at 5am in the morning, followed by a loud rauckus in the lounge? They never stop, and keeping noise down will be near impossible
  • Even when they do crash for a few hours, their friends won’t be far away, often choosing to sleep in your living room, meaning you or other housemates can’t relax on the couch until they’re gone
  • Constantly having randoms round means extra mess and food going missing

Despite their non-stop socialising and random buddies causing many restless nights, it’s hard pushed not to appreciate their out-going nature when in need of some great banter.

Not the ‘popular party animal‘ housemate in your flatshare? Maybe you’re one of these other classic housemate stereotypes:

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