11 housemate hates and flatmate fails in the kitchen

It seems that living with others is never plain sailing. We’ve collected some of the most common and totally random annoyances, hates, fails and general disasters that seem to happen in flatshare and shared house kitchens. Enjoy!


1. Your flatmate not emptying the bins


2. Other housemates failing to take recycling seriously


3. Your housemate never doing the washing up


4. Housemates washing up things you don’t want to know about


5. The flatmate stealing your food


6. Other housemates inability to cook without making a monumental mess


7. Your housemate using the kitchen sink as an aquarium


8. The other flatmate using up all the fridge space


9. Flatmates somehow setting fire to non combustible things like the toaster


10. Ridiculous flatmate drinking challenges ending in disaster


11. Housemates flooding the kitchen

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