How to have a cracking (adult) Easter egg hunt party

Easter bunny drinkingEveryone loves Easter, what with the four day weekend, masses of chocolate, lots of cute chicks everywhere and all the eggcellent Easter puns (well, maybe not so much those).

Unfortunately, gone are the days of running around the garden searching for bag fulls of chocolate Easter eggs hidden (mostly poorly) about the place. Instead, now that we’re older, we count ourselves lucky to receive a single egg from our parents as a token gesture. I mean COME ON!? We’ll demolish that in seconds…

That’s why here at WDMM we’ve come up with some legendary ideas for your very own grown-up Easter party (we’re not talking about orgies, you filthy scoundrel), which will bring back the good old days of Easter egg hunts, with an adult twist to keep even your most demanding housemates happy:

1. Replace chocolate with booze

Fill shop bought / homemade Easter eggs with alcohol miniatures and hide them around your flat for your guests to find. Include multi-coloured jello shots about the place to make the hunt even more entertaining.

2. Have a game of Russian (egg) roulette

Hard boil almost enough eggs for all, but leave the others runny, then take turns to smash an egg on your forehead – you can guess what’ll happen to the unlucky ones

3. Make Easter themed cocktails

Hollow Easter eggs make for great shot glasses – fill them with some homemade skittle vodka! Alternatively, make some of these yummy Easter cocktails.

4. Play some Easter eating / drinking games

Everyone loves a bit of competition: who can eat the most Creme Eggs in one minute (officially a Guinness World Record)? Or have a game of Easter egg hunt truth or dare (hide plastic / chocolate eggs with various cheeky forfeits hidden inside).

5. Organise an Easter beer hunt (and tasting)

Buy in a wide selection of tasty canned beer, cover up the labels with coloured paper (each one representing a particular brand) and hide. After they’ve all been found, have a tasting competition!

Image courtesy of Anirudh Koul, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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