How to write a killer flatmate profile in reply to a wanted ad

Writing killer flatmate profile ad

Getting accepted into a desirable flatshare has now become more competitive than even snagging your dream job. Speaking from experience, it’s not uncommon these days to be up against 100 + fellow flat hunters when it comes to applying to a flatshare ad. This is why it’s critical that you spend time writing a flatmate profile that makes you stand out from the crowd (in a good way), otherwise you might just end up having to settle for living on the street!

We’re here to hold your hand and get you through to the flatmate interview stage. All you need to do is follow our tips below, when writing your reply to a flatshare ad:

not truthful flatmate truth

1. Tell the truth

There’s little point in filling your profile full of porky pies. It might get you through to the interview round, but when it comes to meeting the other flatmates there’s a high chance of you getting found out. Also just remember, you’ll also be lying to yourself so if you do end up moving in – it may turn out to be a flatshare that really isn’t suited to you.


research wanted flatmate ads

2. Do your research

The actual ad may give a lot away about existing flatmates, if you’re willing to put a bit of effort in! Look at photos of the flat, are there any posters up for football teams you support or bands you’re into? If so, perhaps consider dropping in some subtle hints. Also, if an ad goes on and on about the need to be clean and tidy, things which you’re not – maybe consider skipping it…


funny flatmate ad

3. Be funny

Everyone appreciates a little light heartedness now and again. Don’t be afraid to let your comical side come through a little in your profile, although don’t overdo it – people will rarely want to live with someone who’s a joker 100% of the time. Use comedy to help make your flatmate profile stand out from the rest.


sell yourself in your flatmate profile ad

4. Sell yourself

Remember, this is your chance to shine – make sure to include as much about you as you can possible get in (without making it too long, see point 7). What are your hobbies, what kind of films and music are you into, where have you recently been on holiday? Don’t expect to get far by stating the obvious: “I’m a 20 year old male looking for a nice flat”, you’ll come across as bland and boring.


specific details flatmate ad

5. Be specific

When listening your hobbies and interests, include a little detail in what you’re saying. For example stating that you like to cook or bake is good (who doesn’t like yummy homemade food?), but is even better if you add you’re a dab hand at lasagne or ice cream.


bad flatmate ad spelling

6. Read it through

Nobody likes to read things full of spelling and grammar mistakes, be it a website, newspaper or reply to a flatmate ad! Mistakes in your response may come across as signs that you put in little effort and are therefore lazy (not a good trait to disclose, nobody wants a flatmate that’ll fail to do his / her share of the chores).


concise flatmate ad

7. Keep it concise

It’s very likely that the existing flatmates will have a lot of other responses to sift through, before drawing up a shortlist for interviews and flat viewings. If your reply isn’t short and sweet, it’s likely you’ll lose their attention and any chance of moving in.


flatmate ad leave them wanting more

8. Leave them wanting more

It goes without saying, by giving everything away straight off may leave nothing more to add in the interview stage. So see if you can keep some things cryptic / mysterious about yourself – that way they’ll be hard pushed not to invite you in to view the flat and meet with the existing flatmates!

Good luck! Stay tuned for our post about how to handle yourself in the actual flat interview stage, coming soon…

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