Parents coming to visit: How to survive Mothers and Fathers Day invasions

Middle aged couple mothers fathers dayMothers Day / Fathers Day – it’s bad enough how commercial it’s all got, let alone all the hassle it brings. Gone are the childhood days when you could paint them a picture and that was enough. Now they expect flowers, cards and to be taken out for the day. Or even worse – they somehow invite themselves over to visit you in your flat or house share.

Now you could try squirming out of it: “I’ve got plans” or the like, but eventually they’ll catch you off guard and anyway, it’s your mum / dad we’re talking about – THEY KNOW WHEN YOU’RE LYING, ALWAYS! Besides, it’s not all bad, a parental invasion brings with it some benefits:

  • Help from your old man with any DIY tasks that need doing
  • Having your empty fridge and cupboards restocked by your caring mother
  • Being taken out for breakfast / lunch / dinner in return for a nice day out

Although there’s likely to be the usual drawbacks and pitfalls to watch out for:

  • Embarrassing stories from your childhood and teenage years – “remember that time you wet the bed
  • Awkward conversation in front of your flatmates – “your father has started taking viagra
  • Petty arguments – “You don’t visit us enough anymore

But not to worry, WDMM is here with some handy pointers, to help make your parents visit more fun than fail:

The preparation

The accommodation

  • Work out sleeping arrangements (if they’re staying over). Who’s going to sleep where? Do you have enough CLEAN spare bedding?
  • Get tidying – Dirty diggs are only going to get your mum on your back, so don’t give her the opportunity in the first place (if you have enough on your plate – arrange a cleaner)

The visit

  • Sort out refreshments – tea, coffee, milk and their favourite biscuits are guaranteed to go down a treat
  • Have safe conversation ready – Avoid any topics you know you don’t agree on, or are likely to dampen the mood (a read of the latest good news should help)

Image courtesy of Rennett Stowe, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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