Make pancakes, not war – Housemate bonding on Shrove Tuesday

Pancake day for housemate bondingThat’s right kids – we’re coming up to Pancake Day (Tuesday 17th February 2015), or more correctly: Shrove Tuesday. Pretty much the only day of the year you can justify eating a whole dinner incorporating just desserts and puddings. Being such a cheap and fun to make dish, pancakes also offer the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your fellow housemates.

You may or may not know that Shrove Tuesday started back in, well, no one actually really knows for sure, but is believed to originally be a Pagan holiday. Shrove Tuesday (coming from the word “shrive” meaning to confess) is a moveable date determined by Easter. It coincides with the French festival: Mardi Gras (meaning Fat Tuesday) when everyone eats lots of rich and fatty foods before beginning lent, on Ash Wednesday.

But enough of the history lessons, time to get talking yummy, delicious and oh so tasty pancake batter recipes. Check out our easy peasy and super tasty pancake recipe below:


  • 100g of plain flour
  • Two eggs
  • 300ml of semi skimmed milk
  • Tablespoon of oil / 50g of butter
  • Extra excitement – add blueberries / coconut / cinnamon / choc chips or other delicious pancake mix ins like bacon, orange zest or even gingerbread

(for approx 4- 5 big pancakes)


1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl
2. Heat the frying pan and add a drop of oil
3. Pour on the mixture until it covers the pan evenly
4. Flip the pancake once air bubbles appear
5. Serve it with your choice of epic topping (see below)

Topping inspirations:

  • You can’t go wrong with the classic lemon and sugar – best to use fresh lemons and fine caster sugar for melt in your mouth heaven
  • Another classic is nutella (with or without healthy fruit: bananas / strawberries) – a chocoholics dream come true
  • Bacon, scrambled eggs and maple syrup – for the American favourite pancake breakfast
  • Blueberries, yogurt and honey – the health freak’s perfect pancake accompaniment
  • Cheese and ham – if you or your flatmates fancy a bit of savoury goodness before tucking into more sweeter topped pancakes
  • Go wild and play around with other ideas – parma ham and asparagus or make pancake burgers!

Pancake competition, fun and games

With tasty pancakes comes the opportunity for some friendly flatmate competitive fun and games:

  • Pancake flipping: height – get your housemates together and see who can flip the pancake the highest without dropping it or getting it stuck on the ceiling (btw the world record for highest pancake flip is 9.47 metres)!
  • Pancake flipping: number – how many full flips of the pancake can each of your housemates get within a minute?
  • Pancake flipping assault course – lay out an assault course around your flat or nearest park and see who / which team can get around the course in the fastest time ensuring flipping happens continuously.
  • Pancake eating competition – how many pancakes can you eat in a set time (WARNING: this could have the unintended consequence of falling out of love with pancakes if you make yourself sick)

Image courtesy of Jamieanne, licensed under CC BY 2.0