Top 10 tips to keeping your flatshare warm this winter

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“Who left the !#*@ing heating on”?

Heating is one of the most common topics of house and flat share feuds, especially in the colder months of winter. Forget trying to keep all your flatmates happy, It’s difficult enough getting heating timings to meet a single person’s daily routine, without letting your heating bills rocket out of control.

Below are our top 10 tips to harmonious social living, in the darkest, coldest months of winter:

1. Sort out your heating gadgets

Get your landlord to sort you out a thermostat and timer, these will help you regulate your heating rather than needing to have it either on or off.

2. Bleed your radiators

Is your radiator warm at the bottom but cold at the top? You need to bleed your radiators, getting rid of trapped air to improve efficiency and reduce bills.

3. Discover your lowest ambient temperature

Set your thermostat on a low setting such as 18 degrees, then each day turn it up until all flatmates are happy and warm.

4. Create an all encompassing heating programme

Gather all your housemates routine times e.g. getting up, get home and go to bed, then set the heating to coincide with these.

5. Custom radiator thermostat settings for different rooms

It’s likely that if you cook with gas the kitchen will likely get hot even without the radiator cranked right up, so turn that radiator down.

6. Monitor your downstairs neighbours heating

If you’re lucky enough to have a downstairs neighbour their heating alone may be enough to heat your house share at times!

7. Put more clothes on

If you’re the only housemate in, be a team player and put another jumper on rather than heating the whole house, thus maxing the bills for everyone else.

8. Get your compass out

South facing rooms with windows will warm up a lot more (when the sun is out) compared to North facing rooms, so adjust your radiators accordingly.

9. Open those curtains

If the sun is out and you have decent size (ideally double glazed windows, open those curtains to let the sunshine naturally heat up the room!

10. Inspect your insulation

Without decent insulation you’ll find it hard to keep your house or flat warm, speak to your landlord and have a look in your loft to see if you have any or if it needs replacing.

(Image courtesy of Santiago S.V.)

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