Where the fu** do you put a bike in a house share?

Where to put a bike in flatshare - lego

Cycling is absolutely brilliant. It’s good exercise, environmentally friendly and, obviously, loads of fun. But, when you live in a houseshare and space is an issue, a bike can really get in the way. Pop it in the hallway? Blocking your housemate’s door. In the kitchen? Someone’ll moan about hygiene. The lounge? Now nobody can see the TV. We’re exhausted just thinking about it, and that’s without having to lug a bloody bike around.

So at WDMM we’ve decided to get to the bottom of this age-old debate. We’ll rank the common and often used bike spots in a flatshare out of 10, taking practicality and effectiveness into harsh consideration.

Local garage

This is a great idea. Loads of city’s have garage’s you can rent and drop your bike in. http://www.goodgaragescheme.com is a good place to look for them. That is, however, a tad expensive. And excessive. And if a garage isn’t near your home then it’s a bit pointless. 5/10

Locked up outside

Bikes love being outside. Unless you’re on a velodrome they’re almost exclusively outside. They do, however, rust. And if you live deep in a city, leaving a bike locked up outside is just asking to be stolen. If you’ve got a garden, then this blog provides good tips on how to winterise your bike. But if don’t, maybe it’s a bad idea. 6/10

Your bedroom

Now this keeps YOUR bike out of everyone else’s space. But unless you live on the bottom floor, then you’ll have to lug it up a least one flight of stairs. Plus, bikes get muddy. You don’t want that making tracks all over your room. 2/10


Landings and hallways are often where bikes end up. It’s vaguely out of the way and, in your regular houseshares, people don’t really care about the state of them. It can block doors, however, and trip you or your flatmates up when you come stumbling home drunk. 6/10

A shed

Do you even have a shed? If so, this is the obvious place for your bike to go. It’s literally the perfect place. But sometimes sheds can be rammed right at the back of your garden, down some steps, and then you’ll have to drag it through the house if you don’t have a side gate. Okay. Fine. 7/10

Under the stairs

Most houses have small cupboards or spaces under the stairs. This is an excellent place to keep a bike. Out of the way, hidden. Often houseshares will have dryers or freezers here, but it’s better than keeping it next to your bed. 8/10

Local bike lock ups

You can write to your council and get them to build bike lock ups in your street. You can ask, whether or not they’ll take any notice is a different story. You can also try and find a nearby lockup, but often these need permits 5/10

So, shed and under the stairs look like the perfect places. You’re welcome. If these are unavailable to you, a local garage or on your landing. But regardless of where we advise, realistically you’re just going to leave it wherever is easiest if you, so nevermind.

Image courtesy of Loozrboy, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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